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NEW No-Entry Sprinkler Valve exclusively from Green Giant Services.

A new way to turn on and off your water to your sprinklers from the outside which eliminates the need for a technician to enter the interior of your home for service work that requires the turning on or off of the water supply.  Start-up and Winterizing are the two times per year someone has to enter the home.  

1.  Client turns on or off water to sprinkler system for service work such as winterization or start-up to be performed.  Requires client to plan on doing it before arrival of technician which is not always easy to remember to do.

2.  Client schedules appointment for service, waits for technician to arrive, and allows technician to enter the home and turn water either on or off.  Requires client to be home and requires entry into the home.

After initial installation, which requires entry into the home, technician is able to turn on or turn off water from outside eliminating the need for client to be home and eliminates the need for technician to enter the home.  Also, there is no longer a need for client to be inconvenienced or do any of the dirty work of turning on water or turning it off.

1.  Clients who want to avoid people entering their home

2.  Clients who do not want to or don't feel comfortable turning the water on or off.

3.  Clients who cannot always be home for service technicians and do not like waiting in time blocks.

How Much is it?
Most homes without finished basements will run around $350.00 for the installation. This is a one time fee.

How long does it take?
Typically, installation takes about one - two hours on all new and existing systems.

Won't you still need access to the controller?
This does not stop the need to access the controller, but most controllers are in the garage (outside of the house) or our clients feel comfortable enough controlling it themselves (if garage access is an issue).

How do I get this done? 
Call now to schedule or mention that you want it at the time of scheduling your service work and we will add that to the work order.