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3.  early summer

Applied in July or August, this treatment is a granular fertilizer and spot                                                            treatment of weeds designed to keep the lawn strong while battling                                                                  heat.  


6.  late fall

This June treatment is a blend of granular and liquid fertilizer and weed                                                           control designed to strengthen the lawn and prepare it for the hot summer                                                   months ahead. 


2.  late spring

4.  late summer

Applied in late spring when the weeds are germinating, this treatment is a                                                      blend of liquid fertilizer and weed control designed to control existing weeds.


This pre-winter treatment is what kicks the lawn into gear in the early spring.  lawns                                      love to be fed during the winter months. 


6 Treatment Program

A late summer/fall treatment designed to re-build the strength and health                                                       of the lawn after the hot summer.  A blend of fertilizers and weed control                                                       are used to re-build. 


5.  early fall

Applied in early spring, this treatment is a pre-emergent weed control and                                                     fertilizer designed to fend off the early germination of weeds.


 1.  early spring